Why Preventative Maintenance is Vital to Your MRI System

We can sum it up in just 4 simple points.

Accreditation, Reimbursement (It's Required Anyway)

Regular PMs are actually requirements for MRI facilities in order to maintain accreditation and eligibility for reimbursement. A PM program ensures compliance and puts the onus on the service provider to maintain the schedule.

Protect Your Financial Investment (Breakdowns Are Expensive)

MRIs are sophisticated machines with great reliability, but the need routine maintenance. A sudden failure or total breakdown will cost far more in repairs, replacement and even greater stress if your facility loses revenue because it cannot service patients.

Avoid Service Disruption (It's an Ethics Point Really)

An MRI system that isn't functioning properly can be a safety liability. It also means you won't be able to assist referring physicians make proper and accurate imaging diagnostic assessments for their patients. As a medical imaging facility, your operation serves a key role in ensuring quality healthcare. PMs help you fulfill that role.

It Will Save You Money (You Don't Have to Pay a Premium)

For years, many people thought you had to pay the premium price to have MRI service handled by the equipment manufacturers. This is not true since we are completely trained, certified and equipped to handle maintenance, service and repairs on MRI systems. In fact our program fees are far more cost-effective than direct OEM programs. Just ask.

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