Many MRi Systems Go Dark as medical facilities rely on ct systems for covid-19 diagnosis

The MRI machine is a true workhorse under normal wear and tear. However with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a higher use on CT systems, many MRI systems are sitting dormant in imaging departments throughout the medical profession. As necessary as this is given the situation, med-techs may be forced to contend with another unexpected crisis when MRI utilization returns - system issues.

In some cases, this is purely due to a shift in priorities and not mechanical failures. "We are experiencing a time we never anticipated," said Gordon Schoppe, President, KEI Medical Imaging Services.

"The medical field is being challenged on the emergency side, and a huge reduction in scans on the MRI side. We have had to postpone jobs or PMs in cases where they would have been inconvenient or cost may be an issue. Either way, we're fully prepared to assist on the MRI side when that comes back, or on the CT level as system utilization puts a strain on machines in the field."

CT scans have become the "first line of defense" in diagnosing suspected infections, especially given the current shortage of testing kits, according to Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Contact KEI Medical for more info. We have more than 600 Philips coils in stock including parts and coils for 1.5T, 3T Achieva, Intera and NT Scanners.

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